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School Council

Every school has a school council—a group focused on helping all students succeed.

School councils are groups of parents, community representatives, teaching and non-teaching employees, students and the school principal. Through the active participation of parents, school councils work to improve student achievement and enhance the accountability of the education system to parents.

Support for school councils is provided by the Simcoe County District School Board’s Parent Involvement Committee​

Why join us on school council?

Involvement in school council is a meaningful, hands-on way to have a direct, positive impact on your child’s educational experience. Research shows that when parents are involved in their child’s education, the level of student achievement increases.

Contact our council chairs at

AMES School Council Agenda Dec 7 2020.docx


Angus Morrison Elementary School Council Meeting

November 2, 2020   ~  Online Zoom Meeting Minutes

The virtual council meeting was called to order by Brooke at 6:34pm and a quorum was present.

Co-chairs: Brooke Williams and Jennifer Janes

Secretary: Amy Kiezebrink

Present: Jen Robinson, Jennifer Janes, Amy Davidson, Samantha Visser, Amy Kiezebrink, Brooke Williams, John Price, Ayesha Khurram and Kewsi Porter.

Agenda ItemNotes/Decision/Action Taken


Brooke Williams welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave an overview of the agenda.

Admin Report


Suzanne provided us with a slideshow for the admin report.

Safety being the top priority will be in place throughout the school year and minimizing contact is the first thing to consider whenever any decision is made. This being said, some minimal fundraising can be done provided it's within these guidelines. The four pillars (strategic priorities) are what the School Council is going to be focusing on this school year.

Guest speakers for the School Council meetings were brought up with some ideas for the speakers: special ed dept., librarian, music program, one teacher per grade, PIC representative/council chair, trustee, CYW and Social Worker.

To be included in future updates: EQAO, IEP.

Assemblies will not be happening as a group gathering (maybe outside in the spring) this school year. Virtual assemblies will focus on character education and traits as well as multi-media growth for staff and students and will be available for parents to view. These will be monthly starting in November. These will be recognizing student achievement, making them slightly different than the normal character traits.

Highlighting of two individuals: Jennie Shering – CYW (shared with Pine River) and Michelle Beattie – Social Worker (shared with AREA F)

Home communication to parents and guardians includes: monthly newsletter, school website, new week at a glance, broadcast messages, Twitter and the sign outside of the school.

Interventions to keep us safe during Covid times include:

  • Large bottles of hand sanitizer in each room
  • Cleaning solution and routines for shared items
  • Masks available in office for students if needed
  • Arrows on the floor to keep flow moving
  • Schedules for the washrooms to minimize crowding
  • Enhanced cleaning runs
  • Isolation room
  • Cohort scheduling for outdoor play
  • Staggered entry and exit
  • Closed parking lot
  • Various meeting points around the school
  • Frequent teaching and reminders
  • Frequent home contact/communication

Lengthy discussion and brainstorming on the Four Pillars (Strategic Priorities) - Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Well-being, Community.

Excellence in Learning:

Well-Being: Recognition program (feel special), calming for parents and students.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusiveness: We are all different and special, assemblies, recognition days.

Community: Parent Engagement, parent support system, stress relief and peer support, playground and tarmac, dismissal/arrival and movement of kids.

Fundraising/Finance Allocation


Restaurant nights are an excellent fundraiser, popular amongst the community and also supports local business. They must be approved prior to happening and only takeout orders reduce the exposure and contact. We would like to focus on the smaller and local businesses who have been the most affected by Covid-19.

Volunteers cannot be brought into the school at all during these times therefore any activities that incorporate volunteers cannot take place.

Other ideas include: Kidney clothing drive, big box of cards, poinsettias and gift cards.

Garden Gallery school list: Suzanne will be writing the letter as the deadline was missed (due to Covid) to get onto the school list.

Finance allocation: We are looking at playground improvement to a smaller degree in order to improve the playground for the kids. Suggestions such as repaving/painting the playground tarmac and making it nicer for the kids to play on were made. There is a company coming to look at the drainage issues on November 4 and Suzanne will give chairs an update on how that went. Another water bottle filling station will be put in the other side of the school. They cost around $2500 and we are looking for a different style that doesn't spill so much as our current one. Suzanne is going to get pricing.

In-School Items

Lost and Found: Classrooms will be maintaining their own lost and found bin and the office has a locked lost and found if there's something found outside or something very valuable. Up until now there were no coat racks at school but now that winter is coming there is a need for the coat racks. They will be staggering students so that the coat racks don't get overcrowded. Kids are also getting their own baskets in the class.

Crossing Guard: There is more traffic now because of the pick-up areas and lack of parking. The need for a crossing guard is going to be looked at by Sam and Suzanne for the next meeting as it is a safety concern.

School pictures: They are postponed and the photographer (Edge Imaging) is hopeful that in the spring something can be done. Brooke will be reaching out to Melissa at Edge Imaging to see if something else can be done for parents wanting photos now. This announcement is in the newsletter. Class photos are missed by many so an idea was put out there for the teacher to take an informal class photo and send to the parents.

Student Council Future/Brainstorming/Voting Matters

School Council Survey results:

To date we have had 110 responses.

Most popular reasons for not attending a school council meeting: Date time didn't work/didn't feel inclusive/timing/childcare

Most popular responses for what would entice the individual to attend a meeting: Advance notice/posting agenda/later time/advertise it better/find ways to make newcomers feel more welcome

Most popular topics that should be discussed in a meeting: Playground/bullying/Covid safety/road safety

Most popular events: Restaurant nights/Garden Gallery/Colts Nights

28 emails of parents who want to be more involved were given to us and we will be following up with these parents.

A School Council promo was put in the newsletter and website outlining what the School Council does and how to get involved. We hope to make this a monthly promo in order to better advertise the School Council.

The council voted on the request to change the dates of the meetings to the second Monday of every month vs. The first. Motion put forward by Brooke, all were in favour.

Future dates of Council meetings:

December 7, January 11, February 8, March 8, April 12, May 10, and June 14.

Confirm next council meetingDecember 7, 2020 online through Zoom.
Agenda items for next meetingCrossing Guard, Fundraising plans, final results from survey, water filling station progress, dismissal/arrival procedures, and further four pillar brainstorming.
AdjournmentBrooke adjourned the meeting at 8:11pm and we all pressed "Leave Meeting".



Angus Morrison Elementary School Council Meeting

October 5, 2020 - Online Zoom Meeting Minutes

The virtual council meeting was called to order by Suzanne Laybolt at 6:03pm and a quorum was present.

Past Co-chairs: Heather Speers and Amy Davidson

New Co-chairs: Brooke Williams and Jennifer Janes

Secretary: Amy Kiezebrink

Present: Jen Robinson, Jennifer Janes, Amy Davidson, Michelle Hansen, Samantha Visser, Glenda Brocklebank, Amy Kiezebrink, Brooke Williams, Heather Speers, and Kewsi Porter.

A new member (John Price) expressed interest in joining however was unable to fill in the nomination form. As a group we had no problem making him a voting member without the nomination form completed for this meeting.

Ayesha Khurram joined into the meeting at 6:45pm and also expressed interest on becoming a member.


Agenda ItemNotes/Decision/Action Taken

Voting/Role of School Council/Meeting location, dates and time.

Brooke Williams and Jennifer Janes volunteered for co-chairs and were acclaimed as co-chairs for 2020-2021.

Amy Kiezebrink volunteered for secretary and acclaimed as secretary for 2020-2021.

As per the school board there will be no fundraising events at the school until further notice therefore the role of student council is changing to become more of a consultation group. All members are asked to review the two documents:

Outdoor meetings were mentioned, however it is getting colder outside so we will stick with Zoom meetings.

The following is a list of meeting dates, more can be added if needed: October 5, November 2, January 11, March 1, May 10 and June 7.

Moving forward the meetings will go from 6:30-8pm.

Informal questions


At this time council members could ask any questions in regards to the school as a whole (personal questions were asked to be directed to Suzanne one on one at a later date)

Heather: What is our role as a virtual family?

There are 550 on site students and 200 virtual students. Now that the "dust has settled" more will be taken into consideration in regards to learning from home students. Please review strategic priorities document to see what we can do as a council. Virtual parents are very much encouraged to join council.

Amy: Can items be put on the website and newsletter for school council?

Yes, with Suzanne or Katherine's approval. Tina can put items on the website or newsletter for recruitment purposes. Amy will work with Tina.

Jen R: How is the classroom breakdown looking now?

We are fully staffed now. We had 32 classrooms starting in September. We now have 23 onsite classrooms and 7 learn at home classrooms.

Brooke: How many students do we have in school?

Approx 550.

Jennifer J: What is the process put in place for students to switch from online to in class in February in terms of the classroom organization changing?

Specifics are not clear yet, it depends on the numbers of the students. We do not know whether this will affect the current students but it is a possibility that classrooms will be moved around, depending on the amount of students moving.

Jennifer J: Is there a plan put in place for shut down?

If the school is shut down, the plan is to go to Google Classrooms. The expectation is that teachers are maintaining a Google Classroom so that the move would be seamless.

Michelle H: What do parents do if a child is sick for multiple weeks?

Google Classroom is to be made available for children who have to stay home for a longer period of time due to illness.

Jennifer J: Are there fun days or house colours happening?

Yes, just not quite yet. But there are plans for that to start in order to improve morale and help with mental health.

Brooke: Can a Zoom assembly be created for the kids?

Yes, that is in the works.

Heather: Is it board mandated that there are zero fundraisers?


Jennifer J: In regards to the "boomerang" lunches, why can't things be composted/recycled?

There are composts in the classrooms but we are trying to reduce recycling/garbage and also points of contact. We are encouraging parents to educate their children to pack away their garbage so they can be disposed of at home. We appreciate everyone's help with this.

Jennifer J: Will we have school photos this year? Is there a timeline for the photos?

As soon as we know we will let the school community know. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks.

Brooke: Can parents make appointments with photographers to come to their location?

This will be answered once more information is obtained in regards to photos. As well as if this can be made available for Learn at Home students too.

Jen R: Can Edge Imaging put together "team" photos through putting together single photos?

This will be looked into as could work really well for class photos.

Jen R: Will there be meet the teacher evenings?

No there will not be face to face meetings at this time, however there will be parent/teacher interviews in November in which will likely be done virtually.

Principal's report


Any council members that have not filled out their nomination forms please do so ASAP and send to Suzanne. Or send her an email stating you wish to be a voting member of council.

Suzanne will be meeting with the co-chairs in order to set up agendas/council email etc.

It is asked that all communication be done through email using the council email address and cc'd to Katherine and Suzanne.

Confirm next council meetingNovember 2, 2020 online through Zoom.
Agenda items for next meetingLook at the various roles that council will play going into this year and make some plans. Answer the questions that were unable to be answered during this meeting.
AdjournmentSuzanne ended the meeting and we all pressed "Leave Meeting".