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AMES Classes & Staff

​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.

2018-2019 Angus Morrison Staff

​PrincipalS. Laybolt
T. Holroyd
​Senior Admin. Support
K. Micallef
​Clerk Steno
​T. Schild
V. McWatters
​S. Price & R. Young
K. Kokkas & J. Fry
T. Argue & D. Barber
K. Davidson & V. Zysk
H. Wallace & M.Crawford
J. Oscroft & J. Crawford
J. Watson & B. Lalonde
​Grade 1
​L. Meraska, J. Pipe, C. Murray
​Grade 1/2
​L. Leach
​Grade 2
​N. Wiersma, R. Hart, K. Pragnell
​Grade 2/3
​Grade 3
​M. McGee, S. Parker, K. Burlock
​Grade 4
​D. Doupe, D. Mannik-Zulinski
​Grade 4/5
​T. Hussein
​Grade 5
​K. Guergis, S. Duncan
​Grade 5/6
​K. Curtis-McCabe
​Grade 6
​J. Gauthier, D. Murray
​Grade 7
​H. Dunn, M. Borczon
​Grade 8
​J. Alexander, K. Fitzhenry
​LibrarianMrs. G. Brown
​French​B. Thompson, E. Huften, M. Fleming
​Planning Time
​T. Kelcey, T. Scott, C. Lancia, M. Peters, D. McArthur
​S. Moreau, L. McIntyre, D. McArthur, M. Peters, T. Tschop-McLaren, C. Czerny
​Child Youth Worker
​R. Atkinson
​Educational Assistants
​J. Foster, T. Hill, J. Culham,